Monday, April 26, 2010

Sorry Habs Fans, CBC Thought Boston Was In Canada

Montreal- If you were wondering why the Montreal Canadians playoff series against the Washington Capitals is not on the nations television station, there is an easy explanation.   The CBC executive that scheduled the series thought they were talking about the Boston Ontario Creeks. Said Mr. Needanewjob, "It was an honest mistake, I admit I'm not the biggest hockey fan. When I saw the list of teams it said Boston vs Buffalo. I was just so proud of those Creeks and everybody in Toronto would get a chance to root for a playoff team. It seemed like win, win. It's been so long since Leafs fans had anything to root for I guess I got a little too excited. The thought of the Creeks in the playoffs still gives me the goosebumps, I guess I wasn't thinking straight."
Home of the Boston Creeks. The pride of Ontario hockey.
  When asked about the fans in Montreal Mr. Needanewjob replied that he was never one to root for the Habs and they aren't the most popular team in Toronto anyway.
   When we asked other CBC programming executives for a comment they were surprised to hear there was a problem. In their mind Mr. Needanewjob is doing a bang up job. "We're thinking of having him program the 2012  summer Olympics. After the playoffs we're sending him to London Ontario to see how the construction is coming along. They only have two years left to prepare, and from what I understand they aren't very far along. London is going to be swarming with media, we have to make sure we get the home field advantage and our rooms  at the hotel next to the Timmies," said the President of the CBC Mr. Daryl S. Hatehabs. He went on to add, "I'm sure Mr. Needanewjob and the rest of us at the CBC will do London Ontario and the rest of Candada proud,"

The author of this story would like to quote MR. Homer Simpson of Springfield by saying,"In your face Washington!"

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