Monday, May 3, 2010

David Duke And Mel Gibson Modernize Ten Commandments

Mel Gibson and David Duke Work On A Scene From Their  New Movie
Hollywood is dumbstruck at the news that former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and Hollywood Bad Boy Mel Gibson are working on an updated version of Cecile B. Demille's classic The Ten Commandments. Set in modern day America the movie is set for release in time for Passover 2011.

Said Mr. Gibson from location, “The movie is set in the 1980’s with David playing himself or the Moses character. Only instead of leading those Jews to freedom he leads the Republicans to the promised land, or in this case the governors mansion. You know, I get asked all the time about David's acting ability andI tell you the guy is a natural, it's like he's been acting all his life. There is this one touching scene where David is leading us through a shopping mall parking lot  when suddenly there are hordes of crazed Democrats charging at us from all directions. It’s early in the morning you see so  all the doors are still locked, so we’re trapped between the stampeding Democrats on the locked down mall! Then just when everybody is starting to panic David pulls a dollar bill from his wallet, kisses it and then throws it in the air. While everybody is watching the bill flutter in the wind, miraculously the doors to the Bed Bath and Beyond spring open and part like the Red Sea, with David leading us to safety. I’m not to proud to say I was almost brought to tears when I watched the dailies. I play a local sheriff who keeps everybody on the moral high ground, the  Aaron character."

In a stroke of technological engineering the late Marlon Brando is going to be playing the Democratic incumbent. Modernizing the role made famous by Yul Brynner as Pharaoh  Rameses II. When we asked the producers why they decided on Mr. Brando they said they had trouble casting the role. When the word got out that Mel and Dave were involved for some reason alot of people's schedules were booked. Then Mel said he always wanted to work with like minded Mr. Brando but never had the opportunity, it's like getting too shekels for the price of one. 

Rush Limbaugh will be appearing as Dathan Limbrew, a  Republican strategist gone rogue, akin to the role originally played by Edward G. Robinson. Said Mr. Limbaugh,"I'm just so proud to be working with such great people as Mel and Dave. And it's great to be putting the bible in a modern spin that people can relate too."
Also slated to appear is Sarah Palin as David Duke's mother. She plays a hippie who leaves the baby Duke in a basket at the Republican National Convention. "The chance to play the role as David Duke's mother is just a dream come true. I'm just going to do my darnedest to make this the best movie I can."
The producers are said to be pleased with the movies progress and are looking forward to getting this little piggy to market.

Sarah Palin In Costume For Her Cameo Appearance In Latest 
Gibson Flick  The Ten Consortiums  

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