Friday, May 28, 2010


After  some delay and much tabulation the results of the inaugural Daily Satirist poll have been tabulated. With U.N. supervision of the ballot counting, Prime Minister  Stephen Harper has been voted WORST PRIME MINISTER EVER. 

Despite a recent  Gallup poll predicting a tight race it turned out to be a runaway decision with the votes going three to one in favour of Worst Prime Minister Ever over the Most Embarrassing Prime Minister Ever.  Barry Beancounter of the Gallup Organization was surprised by the final votes,"I've gone over the numbers several times. Accounting for voter fatigue, bad weather, broken mice and power failures and I'm still surprised that 75% of Canadians feel he is the worst Prime Minister Ever. We had him around fifty percent, sixty at the high end. But the numbers don't lie, just goes to show the Canadian psyche is a strange kettle of fish."

When we called The Prime Minister's office for a comment they said he was busy blowing up balloons for the upcoming G-8 and G-20 meetings and was thus unavailable for comment. We then asked his staff for a word but they said they are forbidden to talk with strangers. Fortunately we were able to contact  former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on his cell phone while he was waiting in  line at a bank in Bonn Germany,"I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed, I always thought I was the worst Prime Minister ever. None the less I'm proud of Steven and I'm sure he'll do his best to live up the naming. I'd love to talk some more but my turn is up and I have to deposit this bag of money before the wife gets back from the internet cafe."

On behalf of The Daily Satirist the staff would like to congratulate Mr. Harper on being voted worst Prime Minister ever and present him this most lovely trophy. 

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