Thursday, May 6, 2010

Local Labrador Man Kicks Prime Minister Harper Off Island

Labrador- Much to the disdain of his neighbours local inventor Clarence Peters is putting the small town of L'Anse Amour Labrador on the map. Previously known for its picture postcard scenery now-a-days its all about being the east coast hub of technology. Said Hal Johnson, Mr. Peters neighbour for the past twenty years,"we're all very proud of him and appreciate what he is doing for us all but with all the attention we're starting to miss the peace and quiet. We are also worried about making enemies with the feds, but then again this is a Liberal riding so it's not like we're going to be getting any of that federal stimulus money any time soon." 

What did Mr. Peters invent that has the province, country and Conservative Party is such a state? A small computer chip that when installed in any television automatically blocks the presence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Watching the hockey game and one of those conservative attack ads starts up, the chip automatically switches to a Harper/Conservative Party free station. Watching the news and a story about the prime minister comes on, bam your watching the Price Is Right. When the previous station is deemed safe your instantly switched back. No more searching for the remote in a mad panic only to switch to another attack ad.

“I got the idea from the V-Chip, but instead I thought why not block out the Prime Minister. It’s not like the Liberals are doing anything about it. So I figured I had to take matters into my own hands. I couldn’t turn on the television with out seen that jerk and it was driving me nuts. Just talking about him I get all riled up. I tell ya the chip saved my life. My blood pressure is down, I’m calmer, even getting a little more nookie from the wife. I heard her chirping to one of her girlfriends the other day that Harper was turning her off men. We were both surprised to find out that was a common occurrence across the island. So for the sake of future Labradorians and couples across Canada I had to do something. Like President Kennedy said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can block out for your country,” said Mr. Peters from his home in Southern Labrador.

Asked whether he is going to market the chip in the rest of Canada Mr. Peters said,”People are so grateful to get a chip it feels like I’m doing God’s work, or the Liberals work anyways. So if the people want them how can I say no. My friend Marvin is building a website, it should be up and running some time soon. We’re going to call it, peace of mind chip dot com.”

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